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Painter  Angela Sheldon-Fentem

Angela paints in oils on linen and lays down colour with sensitive strokes evoking spaces where time is still. Angela creates her work over a long period, allowing each ground to settle, and she reflects and develops the composition with great care. She moves sensitively back to a painting respecting the history that is already laid down.


Colour vibrates gently against close tone colour grounds and a single vibrant mark jumps across the surface, glimpses that shimmer.


Angela creates the illusion of space, it may be a memory of a room in her past, a fine form of a bedstead, a lace bodice hung with light dappled from a window. The work evolves in an abstract way but the space is created by subtle changes of rectangles of colour or deep dark doorways through to a deeper place somewhere beyond.


Angela has a connection with the past, collecting artefacts and respecting their history. She is a specialist in vintage garments and fabrics and has lovingly preserved and saved fragile pieces. She is very connected with her past, her grandfather who also painted and her sense of place; her home remembers many memories and these echoes surround her.


Angela’s paintings are beautiful and fragile abstracts that resonate and evoke an emotional response.

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