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Painter  Carol O'Toole 

Carol O’Toole is a painter who lives in Tregony. She has a wonderful career as a painter and is known for her rich impasto and expressive colour. She works with oil on canvas to create large scapes of her surrounding Roseland Peninsula and the secluded river at Ruan. Her palette application of the paint delivers a tangible sense of the brushland, grasses, heather and scrub that covers the land and her vivid palette captures the changing light of autumn or spring sky.


Carol often works on still life compositions with her imitable use of paint. Her compositions are strong and often the items chosen are significant in their message; reflection off the glass, the lace trim of a tablecloth with the summer light streaming across its ruffled surface are elements that Carol managed to capture.   


Carol studied at Falmouth and has taught for many years, she has a talent for life drawing in mixed media and working with print and collage. It is lovely to represent Carol and be her local gallery.

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