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Painter  Jane Winton 

Jane Winton’s work is wonderfully witty and curious. Some would think it folk art and discuss American influence especially with her love of vintage textile, however, Jane’s work has a quirky wit and humour to it that makes it quite European, sometimes dark, like a Grimm’s fairytale, sometimes childlike and charmingly naive.

It is lovely how her work appeals to adults and children alike. 

Jane is inspired by historical quilting patterns, collaging fragments of old textiles, sometimes rendering their likeness. She creates whimsical images that utilise pattern, decorative design elements inspired by wallpaper borders and embroidery samplers and a limited colour palette that is inspired by these collected memorabilia.


Jane creates her own little themes, a narrative in a unique world that the viewer wants to believe in. Her themes are, for example, a place in which a vintage circus tent exists in a storybook landscape where the characters are animals that inhabit human traits and garb, these are a charming managery of creatures, autonomous and free to play; a galloping zebra, performing dogs, cats and even a penguin.


Often Jane’s characters are girls with dark hair and doll-like features, they have large expressive eyes and seem like sisters. Jane celebrates her love of gardens and animals and quite often has her female characters depicted with lovely birds, dogs, rabbits, chicken and guinea fowl, all in her uniquely quirky style.   


It is really fun exhibiting Jane’s work.

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