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Painter  Jennie Buckingham 

Jennie Buckingham is a Cornish artist who graduated in fine art from Bristol and with an MA from Manchester. She is now based on the river at Helford and has also painted for many years at her home on the Lizard. 

Jennie Buckingham’s paintings are vigorous and energetic, the energy of the marks have a rhythm and Jennie has developed a practice of working, often on paper, where the paint is layered and the history of this layering glimpses through in places.


The images that evolve are inspired initially by her local landscape or domestic still-life. The still-life pieces, with a view of the outdoors beyond her garden or the coast, move somewhat away from the literal source and take on a new form, abstracted from the initial stimuli, but still relatable. The rapid marks dance across the surface and result in communicating a celebration of colour and marks.      

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