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Painter  Mark Poprawski 

Mark Poprawski is a painter living in St. Ives on the Atlantic Coast. It was his desire to paint there and pursue his passion for depicting immense seascapes that are powerfully emotive and moody. 

He studied at Norwich known as a great school of painting and was no doubt inspired by the vast Norfolk skies that many artists have been drawn to.


Following the tradition of Turner and the great painters of landscape and seascape, Mark has sort to forge his modern vision. He uses glazing to create depth and the dark menace of brooding weather, heavy sea mist and the moment when rain falls and light moves fast,revealed momentarily beyond the storm and then lost. He manages to catch the awe-inspiring feeling that fills you when you are on an Atlantic cliff and you wish to bottle that feeling; Mark transports you there.

Mark does not entitle his works specific to place but titles that suggest an event or emotion by single emotive words.

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