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Painter  Rosie Scott

Rosie Scott is an artist who has developed a unique poetry in her work. Her images are often developed from sketches of a special place like her childhood memories of St. Just in Roseland creek; the mist on the water, the lit path that leads from the church there in its own sacred garden, these memories are glimpses of a safe place in Rosie’s memory and her images transfer you not to a literal place but a glimpse of that golden light in which that memory is held.


Rosie has a special place in Venice remembering a beautiful November spent there, she also revisits a Majorcan orange tree, a motif etched in her memory and remembered so vividly in her paintings.

There are many examples of this allegorical approach that we have seen through working with Rosie for over 20 years; not least the calligraphic silhouette of a Tall Ship sailing towards the horizon in her defining piece, 'Rite of Passage'.

Her sensitivity is transparent in her work, with its beautiful coloured grounds and fine brushwork whether in watercolour or oil on linen.

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